Frequently asked questions

What is SubManager?

SubManager allows you to keep track of your subscriptions such as Netflix, Game Pass, Disney+ etc. and get notified before a subscription is renewed. With the number of subscription services growing over time, an app like this is essential for keeping track of all the services you subscribed to.

What makes SubManager different from the other subscription tracking apps out there?

The majority of subscription tracking apps on the iOS App Store only lets you track a limited number of subscriptions for free, with an in app purchase to unlock the ability to track an unlimited amount of subscriptions. SubManager will not be doing this. While there will be some features that will be part of a premium upgrade called SubManager+, limiting the number of subscriptions is not one of them.

What features will SubManager+ include and how much will it cost?

I plan to include features such as iCloud sync and additional home screen widgets. More details about SubManager+ will be revealed over time. The price of SubManager+ is yet to be finalized.

Will there be ads on the free version?


When will it be released on the App Store?

The app is on track to launch sometime in 2023.

Will there be a Mac version?

You will be able to run the iPad version on Apple Silicon Macs. I don’t have anything to share regarding a dedicated Mac app at this time.

Any plans for an Android version?

I do have plans to bring SubManager to Android sometime in the future. Right now the focus is to get the iOS version ready for release on the App Store.

How can I give feedback?

You can submit feedback via the TestFlight app or email [email protected] Your feedback is really appreciated and will help make SubManager better. Thank you for taking part in the beta test.